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4,4'-Di-tert-butylbiphenyl 4,4'-二叔丁基联苯

规格: 99%
CAS: 1625-91-8
产品编号: H82027
MDL: MFCD00008834
品牌: INFI
Chemical Name4,4'-Di-tert-butylbiphenyl
MDL NumberMFCD00008834
CAS Number1625-91-8
EC Number216-615-4
Beilstein Registry Number2095855
PubChem Substance ID74195
Synonym 4,4'-DI-TERT-BUTYLBIPHENYL 4,4'-双叔丁基联苯 4,4'-Di-t-butylbiphenyl 4,4'-DI-T-BUTYLBIPHENYL 4,4′-二叔丁基联苯 4,4'-Di-tert-butylbiphenyl Zone Refined (number of passes:30) 4,4'-Ditert-butyl-1,1'-biphenyl 4,4'-Di-tert-butyl-1,1'-biphenyl 1,1'-Biphenyl, 4,4'-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)- 4,4'-二叔丁基联苯 4,4'-Di-tert-butylbiphenyl, 99+% 4,4'-二叔丁基苯并 TIMTEC-BB SBB007812
Chemical Name Translation4,4’-二叔丁基苯并
LabNetwork Molecule IDLN00200750
GHS Symbol
WGK Germany3
Personal Protective Equipment Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter
Safety Statements
    Risk Statements
      Precautionary statements
      • An agent used in preparing lithium di-tert-butylbiphenylide.
      • {ALF} Accepts electrons from Li metal to give a radical anion which is highly effective in the conversion of alkyl halides to alkyllithiums: Tetrahedron Lett., 1849 (1976); J. Org. Chem., 45, 1924 (1980). For use in the reductive lithiation of epoxides, see: J. Org. Chem., 55, 1528 (1990); Org. Synth. Coll., 9, 306 (1998).
      • {ALF} For use in the generation of 1,2-di(lithiomethyl)benzene, see Phthalan, A10217.
      • 1625-91-8 H82027 4,4'-Di-tert-butylbiphenyl


        Mol. FormulaC20H26
        Mol. Weight266
        Melting Point126-130
        Boiling Point190-192
        Flash Point190-192°C/13mm
        Solubilitydioxane: 0.1 g/mL, clear