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(2,2-Dichlorocyclopropyl)benzene (2,2-二氯环丙基)苯

规格: 97%
CAS: 2415-80-7
产品编号: H27490
MDL: MFCD00001272
品牌: INFI
Chemical Name(2,2-Dichlorocyclopropyl)benzene
Synonym (2,2-DICHLOROCYCLOPROPYL)BENZENE (2,2-Dichlorcyclopropyl)-benzol (2,2-Dichlorocyclopropyl)-benzene (2,2-Dichlorocyclopropyl)benzene {ALD} 1 1,1-dichloro-2-phenyl-cyclopropane 1,1-二氯-2-苯基环丙烷 2,2-dichlorocyclopropylbenzene Benzene,(2,2-dichlorocyclopropyl)- Dichlorcarbostyrol {} {uni_hamburg} (2,2-dichloro-cyclopropyl)-benzene
MDL NumberMFCD00001272
CAS Number2415-80-7
EC Number219-326-1
Beilstein Registry Number1860351
PubChem Substance ID95349
Chemical Name Translation(2,2-二氯环丙基)苯
LabNetwork Molecule IDLN00221608
Canonical SMILESClC1(Cl)C(C2=CC=CC=C2)C1
GHS Symbol
WGK Germany3
Personal Protective Equipment Eyeshields, Gloves
Safety Statements
  • S24/25 Avoid contact with skin and eyes 避免皮肤和眼睛接触;
    Precautionary statements
    • P262 Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. 不要接触眼睛,皮肤或衣服。
      Storage condition 2-8°C
    • {ALF} Convenient precursor of the useful reactive molecule atropaldehyde (unstable) via its diethyl acetal: Org. Synth. Coll., 7, 12 (1990):
    • {uni_hamburg} Short: EINECS
    • Title: EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances)
    • Source: Official Journal of the European Communities
    • Volume: C 146 A (15.06.1990)
    • Page: 1
    • Year: 1990
    • Internet Resource: http://ecb.jrc.ec.europa.eu/esis/index.php?PGM=ein
    • Publish_Date: 1990/06/15
    • {uni_hamburg} Short: III/20b
    • Title: Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy Data: Nuclei Cl ... Rb
    • Author: Chihara, H.; Nakamura, N.
    • Editor: Hellwege, K.-H.; Hellwege, A.M.
    • Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
    • Volume: III/20b
    • Year: 1988
    • Keyword: NQR
    • ISBN: 3-540-18483-X
    • ISBN: 978-3-540-18483-6
    • Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b86664
    • RefComment: IX,717 pages. Hardcover
    • Abstract: Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy has become a standard method for structural research in molecular and solid state physics as well as for different branches of chemistry. The volumes cover data for more than 8,000 substances in the solid state. Data for free molecules have been published in volumes II/14 and II/15 of the New Series. The tables are arranged according to the atomic number of the elements.
    • 2415-80-7 H27490 (2,2-Dichlorocyclopropyl)benzene	(2,2-二氯环丙基)苯


      Mol. FormulaC9H8Cl2
      Mol. Weight187.06
      Refractive index1.5500 to 1.5540
      Flash Point104°C(lit.)
      Boiling Point103